Trim à la Pillan
by Pillan Klebo

This is done from a total stripping and will take about 6 months
to get the coat in perfect condition. Use your fingers, not any tools!!!


RED = Start by stripping down to the skin, do NOT save any coat, everything goes!!!

BLUE = This part is stripped 3-4 weeks after the RED area.

GREEN = This part is stripped after another 3-4 weeks time.

The PINK area is kept clean all the time, and approximately 3-4 weeks after the stripping of the GREEN area, it is time to blend all the areas together to get an even coat.

The ORANGE area is the ears and they are kept short during the whole process.



After this you can keep the dog in a showcoat by grooming approximately once a month. Keep the dog free of any extra coat , and pay special attention to the areas around the shoulders. Keep the coat on the head and legs growing!!!

Pillan's wonderful Paula is in perfect coat.

SUCH DKUCH Hjohoo's The Best of Hjo
owner & groomer: Pillan Klebo
Kennel Cairnstone's , Sweden


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